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Released 9/2020

Switched tells the story of two teen girls in high school who unexpectedly switch bodies and see what it's like to walk a day in the other person's shoes. A family friendly movie that also deals with the issue of cyber bullying. Similar in the vein of "Freaky Friday" with Lindsay Lohan and a Faith typed version of "Mean Girls."


Released 2019

A woman named Alexa Taylor tries to juggle taking care of a mother who is suffering from dementia, while keeping her faith alive through her family trials. Features lots of football and a wedding, and is a family friendly comedy.

Catching Faith 2 weider
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Coming Soon -- Weider Entertainment is collaborating with producers Ashley Bratcher from "Unplanned," and Karl Horstman "The Case for Christ".


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Nicole Weider, Creative Director

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Nicole is a former model, who moved to Los Angeles when she was 16. She was raised by a single mother who raised her and her 4 siblings by herself- yet through her struggles she went on to become a lawyer in 3 states. While in Los Angeles, Nicole experienced the highs and lows of working as a teen model in Los Angeles. She gave her life to Christ at age 24, and her story is one of redeeming grace. God put it on her heart to share her story and life experiences with young women, and she created the platform Project Inspired, which is the largest online community of Christian young ladies. Nicole is a shining light in Hollywood, and her passion is to produce and act in films that move audiences. Her mission is simple: To glorify God through all media.

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How This Former Victoria's Secret Model Honors God With Her Actions

Movie Guide

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Former Victoria's Secret Model Who Gave Up Career For Jesus Produces Faith-Based Film

Christian Post

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SWITCHED shows us how to "love your neighbor as yourself"

Plugged In

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Actress Nicole Weider on how faith 'opened up so many doors' in her film career: 'All things [are] possible'

Fox News


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SWITCHED Executive Producer Shares How God Opens Doors


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Former Victoria's Secret Model Nicole Weider Explains Why She Gave Up Career For God

 Fox News

Denise Richards and John Schneider Join Teenage Cyber Bullying Pic 'Switched'

What We Look For

We are very selective with who we partner with. We are currently looking to collaborate with other directors, producers and screenwriters who have filmed previous projects, and they have been profitable. Please do not submit to us if you are just starting out.

4 Things to Know about Switched, the Faith-Based Film as Funny as Freaky Friday

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